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👩‍👦"3 Tips To Fuel Your Kid's Love For Reading"

(5 Minute Read) Simple, Effective, and Fun Methods to Spark Reading!

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I was reading a great book the other day. I just kept on reading it over and over, but what breaks my heart is that there is no sequel! The book is a great inspiration for me, but it ends around 600 pages. Usually, I hate reading, but every time I read this book, I keep learning something new.

Sometimes I think to myself, maybe I don’t hate reading; perhaps it's the material I'm reading that doesn’t inspire me. I was advised to start reading only what inspires me, and putting this into practice has worked wonders in my life. I have finished all the books I've been picking, which is a first!

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With this, I'm starting to crave sequels and a desire to learn more. We've also had a bunch of people expressing the same craving for an article I posted, and I'm delighted to announce today's post is a sequel to “3 Ways To Get Your Kid To Read” Yes! 🥳 I got 3 more tips.

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We would all love to see our kids develop a passion for reading and excel in comprehension. However, have you ever considered what makes kids love certain things? Have you ever reflected on what made you love things? When I start feeling burnt out or facing procrastination, I remind myself that I might not want to do something because it feels like it won’t bring me closer to my biggest goal, or perhaps I've set unrealistic goals. Leading me to give up and do something I genuinely want to do.

We all experience phases where we feel unexcited about things, and the struggle is real 😭 However, we have to remember that kids go through similar phases. We can easily get caught up in work, hobbies, chores, and more. Yet, I constantly remind myself not to let all my worries stack up and cause me to overlook others. I challenge you to prevent life from hindering your connection with your child. So let's cast our worries away and prepare ourselves mentally to discuss the tips! 🥳

Tip 1: Putting subtitles on TV and movies. Hear me out; this is already becoming a trend. Sharethrough says, 'Gen Zers watch videos on mute, to the point now where people expect videos on all devices to have captions. 74% usually watch mobile videos on mute. 41% usually watch computer videos on mute.' If Gen Z is already watching a lot of content on mute, might as well add subtitles to everything else, right? 🤷‍♂️ Just remember to turn the volume lower :)

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This is Parenting

By: Leslie Hannans

This is Parenting: Demystifying parenthood is a fresh, new take on an old tradition, Parenting! For centuries, parents have engaged in a long tradition of parenting, based on how we learned. But, have we questioned our parenting techniques? Have we thought critically about what our actions can do to harm our children? This is exactly what This Is Parenting explores. We will dive into behavior modification, origins of modern parenting, skill acquisition, and more!

Tip 2: Figure out what your kid enjoys. It’s awesome to find tricks and tips, but sometimes we overcomplicate things. Stick with the basics and find reading materials that relate to what matters most to them. For instance, if they play video games, look for articles that help them beat the game or get special customizations for their character. The trickiest part is being honest with yourself: do you truly know what they love? It’s easy to know their favorite dessert, but what if they love baking? Do you know their favorite cookbook or favorite YouTuber or blog that shares recipes? See if they have recipes that you can print and read together to bake a cake!

Tip 3: For young kids, begin reading to them as early as possible, even if they can’t speak yet. It's an ideal time to cultivate habits and encourage kids to start speaking earlier, which eventually translates into reading. However, if they are older, pick some tips from this article or the previous one and start implementing them as soon as possible—meaning TODAY!

The most significant lesson in raising kids isn’t about dwelling on yesterday's mistakes or striving for perfection as a parent. It's about taking action based on what you know is right and doing it today. When you make a mistake, refrain from being harsh on yourself or expressing anger towards your child. Instead, do the right thing and ask for forgiveness. Then, reflect on what triggered the situation and learn how to respond differently if faced with the same trigger.

Implementing these tips can certainly aid you on the journey to encourage your kids to love reading. Remember to keep it simple, and if one approach doesn't yield immediate results, practice patience. Also, this isn’t an instruction manual to fix a machine. This is a guide to connect with your child. Have a great day!


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