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I'm working with my student the other day. It shocks me every time when I say a couple of phrases. I say these phrases, and he lights up. I see a confused face; it's like I said something different. I guess he just wasn't expecting it, and sometimes he even doubted and questioned me.

If you're wondering about one of these phrases, a simple one is just saying 'I'm proud of you.' I'm learning that showing appreciation can make a world of difference.The kid's face lights up whenever we celebrate them, like when we sing 'Happy Birthday' or congratulate them on getting a good grade. We thank them for everything, even for the test, as if they just helped us.

Think about the last time you received a compliment. Did it make you frown? I think not. It probably brought a big smile to your face, even if you wanted to hide it. I'm learning that even when something is true and you know it, people still need a reminder of how well they're doing or how proud you are of them. We can all agree that we love compliments.

Do you also remember a time when it seemed like no one noticed or acknowledged you? Perhaps no one gave you a compliment, and you felt like no one appreciated you. Then, out of the blue, someone finally noticed you, said something, and it changed your whole day, maybe even your entire week or month. Now, we're on the same page about where this article is going. First, let's check out the people we love below, and we'll be right back.


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So, here are some phrases that can make your child smile today. As mentioned before, saying 'I'm proud of you' and giving a specific reason why you're proud is crucial. Trust me, you want to explain why. There have been many times when I would say, 'Oh, I'm so proud of you,' and my student would ask, 'Why?' Saying 'I'm proud of you' without explanation might backfire if you're not ready to actually explain. A great example of this is saying, 'I'm proud of you for continuing to do your homework and pushing through, even though you don't want to. I see your effort, and it doesn't go unnoticed.'

The next one is simply saying 'thank you' and explaining the reason why you're thankful. Maybe your kid had a tough day at school, but just recognizing that they're still pushing through and being helpful is something to be truly thankful for. Especially after they express that today was a hard day, saying thank you can go a very long way. It lets your kids know that you see them and notice everything they're doing.

Now, on to the next one. For the kids that are like me and are always stuck in their heads thinking about the next thing they could do, just saying 'you are a really good thinker' can really light up someone's face. If you have a child who is always deep in thought, saying this little thing will keep encouraging them that it's okay for them to be themselves, especially if they get too caught up in their head. You don't know how powerful this will affect them in the future and how thankful they will be for you just noticing how they think and accepting their whole thought process for who they are.

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Another thing you can say is, 'I'm your biggest fan’. Depending on their age, they might get a little embarrassed and flustered, and you might even see them blush. This constant reminder that you're always there for them, rooting for them in their corner, will stick with them through the bad times and the good times. They'll know they can always go to you, and you're there cheering them on.

Now, on to this last one. It will definitely show your genuine feelings. It's along the lines of saying, 'You are so special. There is no one like you in the whole entire world, and I love who you are’. I know it might bring a tear to the eye, but it's a great reminder that, no matter how different they are, every kid feels loved, and they are special. You love them for who they are, and you accept them for who they are.

As I mentioned at the beginning, when I tell my students that I'm proud of them for accomplishing their tasks, I can see in their faces that they haven't heard it in a while. But right after that, there's a big smile. The longer I know these kids, the more they appreciate me for just noticing them. Also, when I say, 'You're one of a kind, kid,' and sometimes just saying, 'No, I accept you for who you are. I'm just happy that you do what you do. I'm happy that I get this time to work with you.' They're always in sharp expansion because they're in their teenage years.

Now, after a couple of months of consistently applying these affirmations, I see how it positively affects some, even on hard days when they don't want to do the work. Just that little reminder goes a long way for them, and they're able to push through. I would also say, think about when your partner, friends, or co-workers give you a compliment. Even on a bad day, it can encourage you and lift your spirits. We all need compliments, so let's extend that same need to your kids.


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