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👩‍👦"Stop Burnout Now! 4 Simple Steps Every Parent Should Know!"

[4 Minute Read] Shield Your Child from Burnout with These 4 Game-Changing Steps!

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During this time of year, the stress of work, school, and fulfilling obligations can make us feel stressed out—perhaps even to the point of burnout. As a society, we often discuss burnout in adults, but it is also very relevant for children.

Think back to when you were a child and had to navigate new life experiences while balancing school and building a social life; this could be extremely stressful on the mind and body.

In today’s episode, we are going to discuss four simple steps to prevent burnout from happening for our children, and the best part is you can even use these steps too! Let's dive right in…

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So how do we prevent burnout from even occurring? Here are 4 simple steps that you can incorporate in your routine:

  1. Schedule in mental health days: Mental Health days are days in which you are able to relax your mind by doing something that you need or doing something that you would like to do. Setting aside a pre-appointed time for your child to relax their minds can be beneficial for their overall health. This can include doing a fun activity that they enjoy such as going bowling, or allowing them to stay inside and get some extra rest. Whatever you choose, please ensure that you discuss with your child something that works for them.

  2. Sleep Hygiene: Sleep health is so essential for our growth as humans because it impacts our cognition and the body’s ability to heal itself. Teaching your kids proper sleep hygiene such as limiting blue light exposure an hour before bed, getting 8 hours of sleep, and practicing winding down activities prior to rest can increase their likelihood of having a good nights rest.

  3. Keeping a Journal: Keeping a diary of your thoughts without experiencing judgment enables your child to process emotions in a healthy way. You can also provide your child with writing prompts, such as 'Today I am feeling…,' which will aid them in expressing their emotions.

  4. Allowing your kid to say “no”: "Letting your child know that they can say 'no' and are not obligated to do everything is essential for their mental health. This enables them to avoid people-pleasing and practice time management skills, preventing them from being overbooked. For example, if your child has a busy schedule ahead, including band practice, cleaning their room, and volunteering at school, and their friend asks if they can have a playdate, giving your kid the freedom to say no due to an overbooked schedule will help them use their voice. Encouraging open dialogue between you and your child about saying no is also crucial. This ensures that your child feels comfortable expressing their boundaries and helps foster a healthy understanding of their own limits."

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This is Parenting

By: Leslie Hannans

This is Parenting: Demystifying parenthood is a fresh, new take on an old tradition, Parenting! For centuries, parents have engaged in a long tradition of parenting, based on how we learned. But, have we questioned our parenting techniques? Have we thought critically about what our actions can do to harm our children? This is exactly what This Is Parenting explores. We will dive into behavior modification, origins of modern parenting, skill acquisition, and more!

Reflecting on your past and childhood, it's clear that life was more hectic than it may have seemed. Balancing the stress of meeting school demands, participating in extracurricular activities, and trying to cultivate a healthy social life made it essential to take time for mental health care.

Now that you are aware of these four simple tips, you are better equipped to teach your loved ones about them and to implement them in your own life, preventing burnout. Given the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, understanding these signs is imperative.

Shield Your Child from Burnout

Today, we delved into four key strategies to shield our children from burnout. These straightforward yet impactful tips serve as a foundation for your child to cultivate a resilient and balanced mental health routine, thwarting exhaustion and burnout down the road.

As you impart these steps to your child, not only does their toolkit for well-being expand, but they also gain greater autonomy over their mental health. It's crucial to approach these discussions with grace, recognizing that your child is in the process of acquiring new stress-coping skills. The grace and empathy you extend create a nurturing environment wherein your child can more effectively master these tips, ensuring they remember and apply them in the future.


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