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👩‍👦"Stop! Your Kids' School Isn't Enough"

Teachers Can't Be The Only Supplement For Your Kids Education

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Hello everyone, if you don’t know, I am a tutor for students in foster care. One thing I'm finding more common as I tutor is that students' reading skills are lower than they used to be. I know COVID threw us all off, but wasn’t there a moment when a lot of students were at home and had more opportunity to study?

That made me realize though, doing homework isn’t really a highlight in a kid's life 😅. It’s kinda rare for kids to do homework for fun. Honestly, I was more focused on catching up on the new shows or on social media, trying to fulfill my social interaction through a tiny screen."

But parents also had free time to spend with family, at least for an hour, because they did not have a 30-minute commute to work or back. I wonder why so few people took advantage. If parents and kids worked on schoolwork for 30 minutes every day during the pandemic, I wonder how far ahead students would be.

But do you know what causes that type of success? We know it's not the schooling system because they were still in school during that time. For your kids to have that type of success, it was based on you and your decision to spend 30 minutes daily with your kid on the subject they were struggling with the most. But enough about the past; let's think about what would happen if we implement that today?


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I can hear someone say they don’t have time to spend 30 minutes with their child to do homework. However, didn’t you hear about us through social media? 🧐 If you spend 30 minutes or more on social media, I think you can stretch some of that time to help your child.

Also, think about if your kid doesn’t have a tutor, who else will spend one-on-one time with your child to do homework? In schools, they are jumbled up with 30 other students. Is it really reasonable to think that environment is enough? Think about when you started a new job; you usually had an interview with one person, when they onboard you, sometimes you work with one person, when it's time to learn the job, it's usually one person walking you through everything, showing you around the facility, and answering all your questions for when you are thrown into learning a new skill.

Why is it that we expect to have one-on-one help when we learn a new skill, but with our kids learning new skills in multiple subjects once a week, someone frowns at them because they are slowing down the class, and we have to keep up with the curriculum?

Today’s tip is quite simple: find 30 minutes daily to sit with your child and work on school work. But it’s not an easy feat long term. I’m proud of everyone who does it today. Just remember, this isn’t a quick fix but a long-term solution. You might not see the benefits today, but as time goes by, you better understand your kid, which turns into a more specialized approach to teaching your child. Spend less time getting upset at them for not doing homework, because you know where their pitfalls might be, and you can ask the questions to help speed it up.

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This is Parenting

By: Leslie Hannans

This is Parenting: Demystifying parenthood is a fresh, new take on an old tradition, Parenting! For centuries, parents have engaged in a long tradition of parenting, based on how we learned. But, have we questioned our parenting techniques? Have we thought critically about what our actions can do to harm our children? This is exactly what This Is Parenting explores. We will dive into behavior modification, origins of modern parenting, skill acquisition, and more!

Sometimes I want to point fingers at the lack of infrastructure in the schooling system or blame the parents of the foster kids leaving because they needs them the most now. Also, don’t get me started on the government not providing equal funding for all schooling per student.

But then I have to remember that focusing on all that’s wrong with the world does nothing good for my students. What matters is the moment we have to improve now. When I'm with my students, this is the best time to take advantage and help them improve in all the areas where people and systems fail them, turning each challenge into an opportunity for growth and positive change.

If you want some tips on how you can use those 30 minutes efficiently, please rate and respond down below. The more specific ways of how we can help, the better. These articles are made for you. Thank you for reading, and have a great day


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